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Located in Houston, the Law Offices of David C. Holmes is an established Texas employment law firm. We are committed to helping safeguard clients’ rights and obtaining the compensation and legal relief you deserve. Our firm knows how stressful workplace and money problems can be and we strive at all times to lessen the stress and anxiety associated with the legal process.

Texas firm takes on matters relating to discrimination and compensation

Our firm represents Texas clients in all types of employment law matters, including cases related to:

  • Age discrimination — Many workers are victims of age discrimination, but are frustrated when their employer claims some pretext for a firing or demotion. We know how to get at the truth.
  • Disabilities discrimination — In disabilities discrimination matters, our firm outlines what accommodations employers must make so that a worker with an impairment can still do their job.
  • Race and national origin discrimination — Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prevents workplace discrimination based on race, color or national origin.
  • Compensation, contract and severance issues — Our firm represents parties on both sides of employment contract negotiations and disputes over compensation and severance issues.
  • Non-compete agreements and trade secrets — Worker mobility and easily transferable information has heightened the importance of non-compete agreements and other methods of protecting confidential information such as trade secrets.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act matters — Many employees are entitled to unpaid time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act. We can advise you of your eligibility.
  • Wrongful termination actions If you believe your firing violated the law due to unlawful discrimination or another reason, attorney David C. Holmes will outline your options.
  • Wage and hour claims — You can count on us for strong advocacy in cases arising from allegations of unpaid wages or overtime.
  • Gender discrimination — Regardless of your gender or whether your position has been traditionally held by someone of your sex, you have the right to equal treatment during the hiring process and while employed.
  • Sexual harassment — You do not have to put up with a boss who is pressuring you into a sexual relationship or a workplace environment where offensive material or conduct is directed at you.
  • Whistleblower rights — Businesses cannot terminate your employment because you refused to do something illegal or exercised your rights as an employee.

No matter what type of employment law counsel you need, we are prepared to deliver the exceptional representation and service you deserve.

Houston employment law attorney advises workers and businesses

Our extensive experience gives employees and employers the chance to gain a true understanding of the relevant legal standards and the practical considerations that affect them.  Don’t hesitate to seek counsel once a potential workplace concern arrives. Addressing an issue promptly can help you achieve a positive result while saving on the time and expense involved.

Wrongful termination claims and “at will” employment

As a “at will” state, Texas gives employers expansive authority to dismiss workers for nearly any reason, or no stated reason at all. However, this power is not absolute. Terminations based on illegal discrimination are not permitted. Likewise, you cannot be fired for exercising your workplace rights, such as taking unpaid time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act or by filing a workers’ compensation claim. The public policy exception prevents businesses from releasing employees because they refused to commit an illegal act. If you are working under an employment agreement, you might be able to obtain relief if your employer violated the contract terms.

What is the statute of limitations for bringing an employment claim in Texas?

Once you believe that your workplace rights have been violated, it is wise to seek assistance immediately from a qualified attorney. This makes it easier to locate evidence and speeds up the date of resolution. In some cases, you might only have 180 days from the alleged mistreatment to file a claim. For discrimination and sexual harassment cases under Chapter 21 of the Texas Labor Code, the deadline is 300 days following the incident. The statute of limitations for breach of contract lawsuits is four years.

We help clients recover the payment they deserve

Losing a job, dealing with workplace discrimination or failing to receive the wages you’re owed can cause significant harm to you and your family. Our firm advocates for legal resolutions that provide appropriate remedies to victimized employees. Potential relief might include back pay, compensation for a decrease in future wages, emotional distress damages and reimbursement of attorney’s fees.

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