Competent Retirement Benefits Attorney in Houston Fights for Your Pensions

Honest Houston retirement benefit lawyer serving clients for more than 28 years

During tough economic times, some companies may take whatever steps they can to ensure their profitability. So when you’ve put your time into a company to find that your pension or retirement benefits have been cut, it can be incredibly frustrating.

Houston retirement benefit attorney David C. Holmes can help you. He has been helping clients protect their futures for more than 28 years. Experienced Houston employment attorney David C. Holmes works with you one-on-one to assist you in getting the pension and retirement benefits you were promised.

The fundamentals of pension disputes

A pension is a set amount of money that is paid to you regularly for a fixed amount of time. Our firm’s attorneys handle pension disputes in the areas of:

  • Denial claims
  • Miscalculation claims
  • Full termination disagreements
  • Partial termination disagreements
  • Medical plan claims
  • Withdrawal liability conflicts

A retirement benefit attorney in Houston is qualified to handle all of your pension disputes. We stand up against unfair treatment from your former employer, and fight to have your pension reinstated as quickly as possible.

Common causes for pension disputes

You’ve worked hard for your money. We feel that no one should be denied the benefits they’ve earned after years of dutiful service. Some of the more common reasons for pension disputes arise from:

  • Mergers. The first thing we do for our clients is ensure that your file hasn’t been lost in a file storage area somewhere during a company merger.
  • Dissolution. Just because your former company went belly-up doesn’t mean that your pension went with it. We thoroughly investigate your former employer to find evidence of wrongdoing.
  • Reassignment. We contact your former employer to ensure that you’re not being denied your pension because of reassignment within the company.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of David C. Holmes are on your side. We offer you practical advice about your pension disputes to save you time and money.

See a retirement benefit attorney in Houston to discuss the details of your pension dispute

You’re entitled to your pension. Our skilled labor lawyers will lobby on your behalf to get you the retirement benefits you were promised. To make an appointment for a free consultation, contact our firm by phone at 713.586.8862 or online. Flexible office hours are available.