Employers have a legal obligation in every state to pay their employees within a certain period, to pay them minimum wage or above and to pay them for any overtime hours worked. Failing to do so is illegal and employers may be held liable.  If you feel that your employer is mistreating you and violating the law, you should contact a Houston wage lawyer.

Not all wage disputes have to do with late pay, minimum wage or overtime. Some other common examples of wage disputes involve the following:

  • Equal pay claim. This sort of dispute arises when an employee suspects they are not being paid fairly or promoted because of their gender. To prove an equal pay claim an employee must be able to show the following:
    • Different wages are paid to employees of the opposite sex
    • The employees perform equally on jobs requiring equal responsibility, skill and effort
    • The jobs are performed under similar working conditions
  • Commission disputes. Many salespeople work on commission. When an employer fails to pay an employee their deserved commission, it is illegal.
  • Wage and hour claims. It is important for employees to keep track of hours worked, in case their employer makes a mistake or is dishonest. Keeping pay stubs and records is a good way to protect yourself.
  • Travel and work-related expenditures. Some employers ask their employees to pay for travel or work-related expenses out of their own pocket, and then receive compensation for them later. When employees are not compensated for such expenses as agreed, a Houston wage lawyer can help.

An experienced wage attorney in Houston can evaluate your case and determine whether to file a claim against your employer. Contact the Law Offices of David C. Holmes today for a free consultation.