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Texas Adopts the Uniform Trade Secrets Act

Historically, trade secret issues in Texas were a matter of common law.  As previously discussed on this blog, the Texas legislature finally considered adopting the Uniform Trade Secrets Act this year.  The proposed Act is quoted in the prior blog article. The legislature passed the Act, and the governor signed it into law on May… Read More »

Senate Bill 953: Will Texas Finally Adopt the Uniform Trade Secrets Act?

Senator John Carona of Dallas has introduced Senate Bill 953 in the Texas legislature.  SB 953 would adopt the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, which is a standard set of state laws governing trade secrets.  At present, Texas is one of only four states that has not adopted the UTSA. The UTSA is not significantly different… Read More »

What Is a Trade Secret in Texas?

This is a short guide designed to provide general background with respect to the nature of trade secrets under Texas law. 1. What is the definition of a trade secret in Texas? In 1958, the Texas Supreme Court adopted the following definition of a trade secret, which comes from the First Restatement of Torts: A trade secret… Read More »