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Texas Supreme Court: Reporting Illegal Activity to a Supervisor Does Not Satisfy the Whistleblower Statute

The Texas Supreme Court decided two cases today that address whistleblower rights under the Texas Whistleblower Act.  The Act provides protections for whistleblowers who work for the state government.  Normally, a suit against a state government entity would be barred by sovereign immunity.  The Act provides an exemption from sovereign immunity and allows a whistleblower suit, but only if… Read More »

A Quick Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is the federal statute that guarantees employees the right to unpaid leave in the event of certain family and medical issues.  This can be an important right for many employees, and it can also be a source of significant liability to employers.  Both employers and employees should seek… Read More »

How Do You Prove a Discrimination Claim in Texas?

There are many types of discrimination claims under federal law and Texas law, including race discrimination, sex discrimination, religious discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination, discrimination based on genetic information, and others.  So how do you prove a discrimination claim? In a perfect world, you would have direct evidence of discrimination.  For example, if your company… Read More »

When Do You Have a Wrongful Termination Claim Against Your Texas Employer?

If your employer fires you, then you may have a legal remedy in the form of a suit for wrongful termination.  To assess whether you have a claim, a Texas employment lawyer will ask you several threshold questions: 1.         Did you have a written employment contract?  Most people do not have written contracts, but if… Read More »