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Meal and Rest Breaks Under Texas Law

Many businesses compensate employees for they time when they are eating lunch or taking an allowed break. While employers might consider this a good way to keep workers happy and Read More

EEOC Alleges Termination of Disabled Employee Violates the Law

Firing someone because of their disability is illegal. Businesses sometimes come up with rationales for dismissing a worker who is limited in some way, but if that employee is capable Read More

New Texas Law Makes it Easier to File a Sexual Harassment Claim

Small businesses are critical to the success of the Texas economy, but until September 1, 2021, sexual harassment victims at these companies were barred from filing claims with the state’s Read More

When Is a Fired Employee Entitled to Unpaid Commissions in Texas?

Consider this scenario: Employee A has worked in sales for Employer B for many years.  In addition to a small salary, Employee A gets a 4% commission on all sales.  Read More

Fifth Circuit Finds That a "Fried Chicken" Joke Was Racist

The Fifth Circuit's decision in Autry v. Fort Bend Independent School District, No. 11-20639 (5th Cir. Jan. 7, 2013), raised eyebrows for reasons that had nothing to do with its Read More

What Are Wage Disputes?

Employers have a legal obligation in every state to pay their employees within a certain period, to pay them minimum wage or above and to pay them for any overtime Read More

What are the Most Common Cases of Wrongful Termination?

When an employee is fired illegally or his or her termination is in clear violation of company policy, it is considered a wrongful termination. If you believe you have been Read More

What Are My Rights if My Company Downsizes?

Downsizing, also known as workplace reduction, occurs when an employer enacts a mass termination of its employees in order to reduce costs. Although this typically means employees are terminated permanently, Read More

When Do You Need an Employment Attorney?

State and federal law grants employees certain rights and protections to ensure they are treated fairly in the workplace. If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated, sexually harassed, discriminated Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 101 posts